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Grow your client base at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine getting clients at 50% off…that’s what happens when professional advisors pair up! Through Workshop Connect, we make it easy for you to find a suitable co-host to split seminar & webinar costs with.

Pair Up & Conquer

For years, professional advisors (such as financial advisors, attorneys & realtors) have been partnering up to split costs and deliver more holistic information in their seminars. But the problem was the lengths they had to go in order to find one other…until now! With Workshop Connect, you’re able to select from a list of experienced advisors, attorneys and other professionals who are actively looking to co-host a workshop. Below are just a few of the perks of pairing up for your next seminar or webinar.

Workshop Connect supports the following industries and professionals:

– Financial advisors
– Attorneys
– Realtors
– Tax/Accountants
– Mortgage
– Insurance

Drastically Cut Your Event Costs

Cut your workshop and client acquisition costs by teaming up with a professional presenter.

Go Beyond Local Prospects

With the power of our done-for-you webinars, you’ll be able to quickly and easily reach fresh prospects in any state of your choosing.

Set It & Forget It

Save both time and money by rebroadcasting your initial recording to no-shows, thereby generating additional appointments completely hands-free!

Educational Presentations that Convert

By leveraging our connections to top-tier content providers, you’ll have access to estate planning (as well as many other) presentations that are proven to educate & convert. Plus, your co-host may already have access to content, giving you additional cost savings.

Concierge Support Makes Tech Easy

We’ve created a seamless webinar experience for our hosts. With pre and in-event live human support, we’ve eliminated technical challenges and significantly removed drop off. Confidently present knowing Concierge has your back before and during the webinar.

More Clients and Credibility

Not only does a co-host enable you to deliver a more A to Z service to your learners, but it opens the potential for on-going referrals and client cross-pollination.

Better Together: One Attorney's Success Story

Co-hosting with financial advisors has helped estate planning attorney Michael Marsalese host better seminars for years. Discover what he enjoys most about partnering up, as well as his transition to webinars and how they’re helping him bring in new clients, with asset sizes averaging between $350K-$600K!

How It Works


Partner Up

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a list of potential matches. Once you make your selection, we’ll set up an introduction call for you and your match where you can get to know each other and establish a cost-share agreement.


Place Your Order

A dedicated White Glove rep will take your order and prompt you and your match to sign an agreement that outlines the ethical boundaries of the match. Once the agreement is signed, you and your match can sit back and enjoy the White Glove treatment in preparation for your workshop.


Co-Host Your Workshop

Lights, camera, action – it’s time to co-host your seminar or webinar!

Pair Up With an Advisor, Estate Planning Attorney or Other Professional

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