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Financial Advisors:

Present to a virtual audience from anywhere with a laptop and wifi…

White Glove Webinars allow advisors to grow their business from their laptop – entirely online. Only White Glove provides compliant end-to-end setup, coaching & marketing of financial webinars – backed by our industry-leading Quadruple Guarantee. We’ll handle all the technical aspects, while you focus on delivering a presentation that showcases you as a credible authentic educator.


  • No upfront investment – ever

    You don’t pay until we perform because you only pay for who shows up. No more guess-work budgeting or ‘pray and spray’ marketing.

  • End-to-end concierge service

    Your truly ‘White Glove’ experience doesn’t stop at just our marketing power. You’ll get tech coaching and setup, “in-event” support and post-event follow up.

  • Vigilantly Compliant and Trusted by Industry Leaders

    When you partner with White Glove, you can have peace of mind knowing we’re trusted by over 90+ Broker Dealers, FMOs, IMOs and carriers in the US and Canada. SEC, FINRA, FFIEC, FTC, IIROC, MFDA, FCA coverage.

“ Our first set of virtual events was four weeks ago and we’ve already got two people who have inked paper to bring assets totaling over $2.5 million. ”

– Brad Gotto, Financial Advisor

Webinars Made Easy. Still Quadruple Guaranteed.

  • Get concierge support that lives up to our name.

    Let us go above and beyond for you to ensure your webinar goes off without a hitch. That means technical support before and during the webinar for both you and the attendees.

  • All the heavy lifting… done for you.

    We take care of everything including marketing, platform setup and registrant follow-up, all you need to do is flip open your laptop and present!

  • Get appointments with highly engaged prospects prior to your seminar.

    With the surge in demand for financial services, people are seeking immediate assistance. We’ve built a system to allow registrants to request a conversation with you even before your event.
  • Rest easy with Performance-Based Pricing.

    Skip the upfront costs and only pay for those that actually attend your virtual event.

You're protected with the White Glove

Quadruple Guarantee

  • Registrations at no Risk

    We pay all the marketing costs up front. If you don’t get registrations, you owe us nothing.

  • Attendees at no Risk

    You only pay for who shows up, and no-shows are free.

  • Appointment Requests Guarantee

    We guarantee at least 10 appointment requests for every 50 households purchased or we will credit your next event or refund 1HH for each request we fall short up to 10HH*

  • New Client Guarantee

    We guarantee you’ll get a new client, or you’ll get a free workshop on us.^

* Over 120 day event period and includes appointment requests pre and post event.

^ If no new client after 120 days from last event. Minimum 50 households purchased. Must complete coaching. Available one time only. Free workshop up to 20 households.

Financial Advisors, RIAs and Wealth Managers Love White Glove

Paul Bufty
``Since working with White Glove, basically every dollar we invest with White Glove, we received a nine or 10 dollar return.``

— Paul Bufty

The Financial Group of Philadelphia

Milo Milosevich
``I've done 4 events, and so far I've brought in 1.2 million dollars in assets. From my last event, I have 6 million dollars pending at this point.``

— Milo Milosevich

Safe Money Solutions

Presentations Your Prospects Will Love

(With more on the way!)

Taxes in Retirement 567
based on 2,200+ Facebook reviews

Overview of the different tax buckets. Examples: Non-qualified, tax deferral, traditional IRA, Roth IRA and capital gains.

Social Security 567
based on 800+ Facebook reviews

Overview of the many different ways the audience can file for their Social Security benefits and how significant the differences are.

Estate Planning 567
based on 200+ Facebook reviews

Overview of the pros and cons of having a will, durable power of attorney, living will, trust or passing away intestate.

Comprehensive Features to Help You Succeed


Quadruple Guaranteed


Registrations at no Risk

We pay all the marketing costs up front. If you don’t get registrations, you owe us nothing.

Attendees at no Risk

You only pay for who shows up, and no-shows are free.

Appointment Requests Guarantee

Get at least 10 appointment requests for every 50HH purchased or we'll credit your next event or refund 1HH for each request we fall short up to 10HH.

New Client Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll get a new client, or you’ll get a free workshop on us.

Pre-event appointment setting
Optional investable asset sticker
Data-driven event marketing
Reminder e-mails and texts
Access to user-friendly platform
Confirmation calls
Live moderated chat
Live webinar management and concierge support
Calendly link (if supplied)
Post-event attendance report
Sales & closing training
Post-event appointment nurturing



You're not alone in this. We've got your back.

Our team is built to deliver a true "white glove" experience unlike any you've experienced before.

Average rating:

(based on 201 reviews collected directly from client surveys)

Our team, located in Birmingham, MI, is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have everything they need for an event – before, during and after. Working with us means we always have your back.


“One of my favorite things about working with White Glove is the full automation. From A to Z they take care of you, they have input the entire time. I work with my internal coach all the time, she helps me a ton. White Glove really takes the load off my back so I can focus on what I do best, and that’s meeting with people.”

— Sam Dixon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I just wait until I can host live events again?

We’ve found that the majority of the demographic you’d want to connect with feels more comfortable attending online at this time. We’re also finding great success providing educational webinars to communities. People still want their questions answered by a knowledgeable professional, especially if it’s in the safety of their own home.

How do you identify marketing zones?

First, we rely on your local knowledge. If there are certain zip codes that you’d like us to market to, we can. We can also market statewide or to any state you’re licensed in. If you’re not sure where you’d like to market, we have access to proprietary and 3rd party data sources to find an area best suited to your wants and needs.

What about quality?

Through the use of Facebook algorithms, marketing to specific zip codes and allowing you to choose from different topics, we can attract the type of client you’re looking for. We can’t guarantee that every single person who attends your event is going to be your ideal client, but we can guarantee at least 10 appointment requests and one client for every 50 households purchased.

Everyone is doing webinars. Isn’t the market oversaturated?

Actually, we have no data points to support that the webinar market is oversaturated at this time. A huge benefit of hosting webinars is that they allow us flexibility in where we market. For a traditional face-to-face seminar, we market to the area surrounding your venue. When hosting a webinar, there is no venue—allowing us to target ideal prospects even across state lines!

What platform do you use?

Currently, we use BigMarker and Zoom. However, if you have a broker-dealer that does not allow you to use either of these platforms we are open to other options.

How many zip codes or cities can I market to?

It depends on the reach in those zip codes or cities. For example, if you’re looking to market to an area that’s highly populated with the type of client you’re looking for, we may not need to market to as many zip codes or cities. If we’re looking at a less populated area, we may have to market to more zip codes and cities—it really depends on your area and the reach in that area.

What if no one shows up?

That’s one of the beautiful things about White Glove, you’re leaving all of the risk to us! So, if no one attends your webinar, you don’t pay for anyone. We only charge you for the people who attend, and you get all of the no-show contact information for free!

I am not good at talking into a computer, can I pre-record?

Absolutely. We offer a webinar rebroadcast option which allows you to pre-record your event. Many advisors prefer this option, as they find it more flexible and efficient, without sacrificing results.