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Service professionals love White Glove.

15,000+ events hosted
1,000+ successful hosts
375,000+ registrants
6 to 1 average return on marketing ratio

Service professionals
love White Glove.

20,250+ events hosted
10,000+ successful hosts
725,000+ registrants
5 to 1 reported ROI over the course of one year

"I've done 4 events, and so far I've brought in 1.2 million dollars in assets. From my last event, I have 6 million dollars pending at this point."

— Milo Milosevich, Safe Money Solutions

“Since working with White Glove, basically every dollar we invest with White Glove, we received a nine or 10 dollar return.”

— Paul Bufty

The Financial Group of Philadelphia

“They really take the load off my back so I can focus on what I do best, and that's meeting with people, preparing plans and taking people through retirement.”

— Sam Dixon

Oxford Advisory Group

“The quality of attendees that we see coming to the White Glove events far exceeds anything that we would have ever expected. In the last year for instance, we did 12 events, and we had about 50 million of potential money walk through our door that we actually saw.”

— Marc Geels

EFS Group Wealth Management

“The great thing about White Glove as an advisor is that you're never out there by yourself. They take you through the whole process from beginning to end, and that's what I love about it.”

— Stephen Dellelo

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