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For financial advisors that want to stay relevant and be everywhere online.

Shockingly powerful social media management system unlike any other... done-for-you.

Create meaningful digital touchpoints, generate organic referrals and stay top of mind with your clients and prospects via social media & email without having to spend your time dealing with complex marketing platforms — that’s our job.

  1. Completely done-for-you; engage with your clients and prospects even while you sleep.
  2. Custom branding ensures you are front and center — not a random advertiser. Or worse yet — your competition.
  3. Be everywhere online. Multichannel presence across Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, web and email ensures you get noticed.
92% of advisors said social media helped them gain new clients.
source: Putnam Study

“Social Connect provides the greatest ROI out of anything I do! The time I spend – which is about 1 hour a week – versus what I receive in branding and engagement is truly amazing!”

How it Works

With an increasingly competitive landscape, paired with changing consumer habits, it is now imperative for advisors to maintain a strong and professional presence across various social media platforms. And when it comes to social media, content is king.

That’s why Social Connect will serve your clients & prospects timely, relevant and personalized premium news articles via a weekly newsletter, web and social media posts, thereby not only creating new client opportunities, but increasing your credibility and mindshare within your digital and physical community.

Stay top of mind and increase credibility with custom branded content.

Positioning you as a thought leader with clients and prospects whether it’s an e-newsletter, email, website or social media post, your personal branded Advisor Content Page is enhanced with valuable and unique content. Clients/prospects will never hit a paywall or see ads that distract attention away from you and your brand.

82% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content.
source: DemandMetric

Amass new contacts, gain referrals and grow your community without moving a finger.

That’s the power of premium content combined with built-in lead forms. Each time someone in your network shares a post with a friend, it creates a client opportunity for you. 

Every 60 seconds, 317,000 status updates; 400 new users; 147,000 photos uploaded; and 54,000 shared links.
source: Facebook

Save time and resources with our done-for-you approach.

With our proprietary end-to-end, done-for-you management system, we create and manage your social media presence so you can be seen, gain referrals and edge out the competition without sacrificing your time. 

Key Features

Robust Compliance Solution

FINRA and SEC compliant articles, videos, and infographics from the world's most reputable sources.

AI Powered Content Engine

We'll work with you to define the initial topic areas you'd like to share with your community. Over time, the platform will "learn" user behavior and start making recommendations to help ensure your readers remain engaged.

Human-Driven Automation

No need to worry about learning a new platform (unless you want to). Our expert team does the heavy lifting for you, which includes setting up your social media pages and keeping you up to date with valuable engagement reports.

Timely, Relevant, Credible Content

Content from leading publishers like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes, Reuters, and The New York Times. Thousands of articles, videos, and infographics encompassing 30+ subjects including investment, personal finance and wealth management.

What Financial Advisors, RIAs and Wealth Managers are Saying

`` I load all of my seminar leads into the system and send them my newsletters and share social posts with them after the seminars so they know who I am when I follow up with them and it’s an easier transition into a meaningful conversation. ``

— Nick H.

`` My experience has been very beneficial to the growth and nurturing of my book of business. I continuously get positive feedback from clients and prospects on the quality of the article sent their way. ``

— Brandon M.


60 day, no questions-asked, money back guarantee. Want a taste first? Ask us about Social Boost.

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