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Personal Finance & Insurance Seminars

Created by advisors for advisors.

Co-founders and cousins Dean Thurman and Mike Thurman relied on the “old school” method of seminar marketing to grow their business for many years.

They created printed invitations and mailed them to people in an area where they wanted to host an educational workshop. For a long time, many people would show up excited to learn more about retirement planning.

Then, things changed. Fewer people attended the seminars. More times than Dean and Mike would like to admit, no one showed up because they put the wrong information on a print mailer. There were times when the weather was awful, and no one wanted to brave the elements for a financial planning seminar. When these scenarios happened, Dean and Mike were out of luck and lost a LOT of money.

They knew there had to be a better way. And they believed digital marketing was the catalyst to that better way.

That’s why Dean and Mike disrupted the seminar marketing industry by taking the traditional business model and flipping it upside down. No more “pay and pray” with direct mail. No more paying for empty seats. They wanted to create a program that removed advisors from all the pain points they had experienced.

Personal Finance Seminar Topics

Social Security

Teach attendees how to maximize social security benefits and understand different filing strategies for those who have not yet filed, or filed recently.

Taxes In Retirement

Educate on minimizing taxes in retirement for pre-retirees and those who are already retired.

Retirement Income Planning

Provide retirement planning tips and recommendations for those nearing retirement or who have just retired.

College Planning

Prepare students and their parents for college by teaching them how to save and potentially reduce college costs.

Estate Planning

Discuss how to protect estate assets and avoid unintended consequences.


Deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information to help people prepare for Medicare.

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