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Quadruple Guaranteed Workshops (4G)

Keep your pipeline of clients growing and flowing through our industry-leading Quadruple Guaranteed workshops.

  • Guarantee #1: Registrations at no Risk
  • We pay all the marketing costs upfront. If you don’t get registrations, you owe us nothing.
  • Guarantee #2: Attendees at no Risk
  • You only pay for who shows up, and no-shows are free.
  • Guarantee #3: Appointment Requests Guarantee
  • We guarantee at least 10 appointment requests for every 50 households purchased. Should we fall short, we will credit your next event or refund 1HH for each request we fall short of up to 10HH.
  • Guarantee #4: New Client Guarantee
  • We guarantee you’ll get a new client, or you’ll get a free workshop on us.

See “terms of service” for any 4G conditions

White Glove has more guarantees than any other seminar marketing company.  Use White Glove 4G and only pay when you succeed.  Advisor success is critical to us!

White Glove Quadruple Guaranteed Workshops for Financial Professionals

Offering our Quadruple Guarantee (4G) is just one of the many ways White Glove truly goes above and beyond for our clients. When we say our services are one of a kind, we mean it. We are deeply committed to providing an easier and better way for advisors to gain and retain clients, while still focusing on generating consistent and impressive results. We are not only dedicated to providing our clients with these results, we are confident in our ability to do so.

Our Done-For-You seminars and webinars both come with a Quadruple Guarantee. This means our clients never pay for empty seats and they take on no risk when hosting an event with uswe take on all the risk and do all the work.

The first guarantee is registrations at no risk, meaning we pay for all the marketing up front. Although very unlikely, if a client’s event received no registrations, they would owe us nothing! Our second guarantee is attendees at no risk. Our clients only pay for those who show up and no-shows are completely free. One of the beautiful things about hosting a White Glove Webinar is that no-shows are free and hosts still get their contact informationmeaning they can still maximize their value at no additional cost.

The third component is an appointment requests guarantee. We guarantee at least 10 appointment requests for every 50 households purchased. If this does not happen, we provide a credit for their next event or refund 1HH for each request we fall short of up to 10HH. The final aspect of our Quadruple Guarantee is a new client guarantee. Our clients are guaranteed a new client for every event and if they don’t, they get a free workshop on us!

White Glove is able to offer these guarantees because we have truly honed our craft. We’ve spent years perfecting our process so our clients can get consistent results. We don’t win unless our clients do! Contact us to see how our Quadruple Guaranteed seminars and webinars could help you gain and retain more clients.

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