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Done-For-You Podcasts for Advisors

Become a micro-influencer in your community

Expand your network, grow your credibility, build relationships and set yourself apart from everyone else. Our Done-For-You system makes creating and sharing high quality podcasts a breeze.

  1. Done-For-You personalized podcast episodes.  Advisors find your message.  Share your voice!
  2. Enhance thought leadership in your social, mobile and local market, even while you sleep. Podcasts audiences are booming and influencing.  Over 50% of the US now listens monthly to a podcast and 50%+ listeners are influenced by brands in podcasts!
  3. Enjoy shorter sales cycles as a result of the undeniable credibility boost a podcast brings. Podcasts help you earn the trust of your prospects, build your community’s confidence in your services and showcase your authenticity.

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Why Podcasts?

Downloads and streams of business and finance podcasts are up 78% week-over-week since March 2020.

Podcasts are one of the most engaging mediums, 80% of people listen to all or most of each episode.

94% of podcast listeners are active on at least one social media channel.

Podcast listeners are 45% more likely to earn $250,000+ income.

Podcast Connect Overview

Creating a professional and highly engaging podcast has never been easier with our done-for-you solution! We'll work with you to create one 30-45 minute podcast episode alongside a professional podcast co-host. Your episode will be custom branded to you and co-branded with Simply Advised -- our latest educational resource site for prospective investors. Best of all, you'll be able to record the whole thing from the comfort of your own office.

  • Get professional podcasting equipment shipped directly to you

  • Professional editing ensures a high quality end-product free from filler words and audio glitches

  • Automatic syndication to popular podcast channels and SimplyAdvised.com to skyrocket your visibility

  • Sit back while we promote each podcast episode to your local area with social media marketing

  • Get a comprehensive promotional kit including imagery, video podcast, posts and even an animated text video

  • Pre-Podcast training call and onboarding ensures a swift production and successful episode (script included!)

Showcase your expertise as a local influencer

Podcasting has created a new type of influencer, one who can reach people wherever they are, whether it’s at home, in their car, or during their daily commute. Whereas many forms of advertising have started to fall on deaf ears, podcasts continue to cut through the noise with high-value content.


  • Podcasting will help get the attention of your ideal prospects. With paid advertising, we’ll get your episode in front of qualified prospects in your market.
  • Get instant credibility and grow your sphere of influence by being featured on SimplyAdvised.com among other trusted experts.
  • Turn more prospects into clients. Prospects are more likely to move forward once they know you, like you and trust you.

Focus on what you do best, we do the rest

Many podcasts have a team of producers, editors, writers, you name it. There’s a whole lot that goes into the production of a podcast —but with Podcast Connect, you don’t have to do any of it. The only time you have to commit is the time spent recording your podcast. We handle everything and turn over the finished product to you.


  • Work one-on-one with a podcast-hosting expert to develop your podcast topic, coach you on how to deliver a successful recording and interview you as professional talent on your episode.
  • Our team of trained professionals edit, mix and master the episode so your message is clearly heard and as effective as possible.
  • Professional writers and content creators turn your podcast episodes into video clips, audio clips, quote graphics and other social media assets.

Promote your podcast with high-quality content

Get your voice in front of prospects and clients in a new way. Once your episode has been produced and distributed, it’s time to promote it! We will provide you with a comprehensive promotional kit so you can share to your social media, newsletters, website, etc. and build your following.

Professionally designed graphics featuring your headshot will enforce you as a trusted expert. Here’s everything you’ll get!

  • 3 quote memes
  • 3 audiogram videos
  • 1 animated text video

What Financial Advisors, RIAs and Wealth Managers are Saying

``Podcasts are a fun and innovative way to get your message out loud and clear while allowing your personality to come through.``

— Kelly Boyd

“I am so impressed with the new Podcast Connect offering. Matt Halloran is a rock star. He knew exactly the right questions to ask to help me share my expertise and make me sound like I’m a rock star too. And the quality of the production is off the charts. My friends and clients have listened to my podcast and been so impressed. It’s a great tool to help me build my credibility as a thought leader, not just an advisor.”

— Brad Gotto

A single episode appearance on the SimplyAdvised Podcast.


  • Syndicated episodes on Blubrry, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, iHeart Radio and YouTube

  • Comprehensive promotional kit for every episode including imagery, video podcast, posts and even an animated text video


  • Co-branded episode with Simply Advised -- our latest educational resource site for prospective investors

  • Unique landing page & feature on SimplyAdvised.com


  • Podcasting equipment provided

  • Record from the comfort of your own office (or home)

  • Professional podcast co-host

  • Pre-recording warmup and ongoing coaching

  • Audio editing and mastering

  • Summary and transcript for compliance review


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my podcast be syndicated?

Your episode will be published on the following platforms: Blubrry,  iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube and SimplyAdvised.com.

How much of my time will it take to create the Podcast?

It will take less than 2 hours of your time. Your discovery call is about 30 minutes and your podcast recording session is no more than an hour.

What podcasting equipment will I receive?

You will be provided a professional podcasting microphone, boom stand, pop filter and headphones.

Do I have to return the podcasting equipment?

The equipment is yours to keep, no need to return it.

What if I’ve never recorded a podcast before?

That’s perfectly okay. Our team will take care of concepting, production and distribution – we just need you to provide your expertise!

How does Podcast Connect work with other White Glove Products?

Podcast Connect is the perfect way to keep the conversation going with your seminar or webinar leads. Use your podcast to reignite the relationship and stay top of mind. Want to take your social influence to the next level? Social Connect is the perfect supplement to Podcast Connect. Engage clients & prospects with credible, custom-branded and unique content from top publishers.

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