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Financial Advisory Loyalty Program | Palladium Status

An earned membership that grows as you do!

With each tier you unlock powerful marketing & growth tools at no extra charge. Exclusively for White Glove's power users.

  • Discount per household on all Quadruple Guaranteed Seminars.*

  • Discounted White Glove Social Connect membership.*

  • Discounted White Glove University membership.*

  • White Glove Podcast Connect discount.*

  • Waived change and rush fees.*

  • Participation in beta programs and advisor councils.*

  • Access marketing analysis.*

* Varies depending on tier level.

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What's Included

Discounts Per Household*

Palladium members can save big on their Quadruple Guaranteed Seminars with discounts for each attended household.
* Discount varies per tier level.

Discounted White Glove Social Connect Membership*

Looking to stay relevant? Social Connect allows you to be everywhere while setting your client and prospect engagement on autopilot. Create meaningful digital touchpoints, generate organic referrals and stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospects via social media & email without having to spend your time dealing with complex marketing platforms — that’s our job.
* Subject to compliance approval. Discount varies per tier level.

Click here to learn more about Social Connect.

Level Up Your Seminar Skills With White Glove University*

Unlock access to a comprehensive library of “unfair advantages” that will help you score more appointments, present like the 1% and ultimately get more clients from your events.
* Membership discount varies per tier level.

Click here to learn more about White Glove University.

Become a Micro-influencer in Your Community With Podcast Connect*

Create and share high quality podcasts via our completely Done-For-You system. Podcast Connect allows you to expand your network, grow your credibility and build relationships to set yourself apart from everyone else.
* Discount varies per tier level.

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Plus more!

Benefit from waived change and rush fees, exclusive access to beta programs, advisor councils and the ability to gain insight into your marketing via an in depth analysis.