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Our Story

The Beginning

White Glove Co-Founders Dean Thurman and Mike Thurman are financial advisors by trade. They relied on the “old school” method of seminar marketing to grow their business for many years. They created print invitations and mailed them to people in an area where they wanted to host an educational seminar. They and their team did all the logistical coordination for the seminar (and if you’ve ever planned a seminar, you know it’s like a mini wedding!). They took on all the upfront financial risk.

For a long time, many people would show up excited to learn more about retirement planning.

Then…things changed.

The Opportunity

Fewer people attended the seminars, and the ones who did often weren’t people Dean and Mike were hoping to connect with as potential clients. More times than they would like to admit, they put the wrong information on a print mailer. There were times when the weather was awful, and no one wanted to brave the elements for a financial planning seminar. When these scenarios happened, Dean and Mike were out of luck and lost a LOT of money.

And, perhaps the biggest challenge of all was Dean, Mike and their team were spending way too much time being event planners and not enough time being financial planners.

They knew there had to be a better way.

The Idea

So, Dean, Mike and Jeff Grail (Dean’s partner from a previous business venture), began brainstorming how to make that “better way” a reality.

How could they eliminate all the pain points Dean and Mike dealt with while hosting seminars so other advisors would never have to experience those challenges?

From being in the trenches for so many years, they intimately understood all the work it takes to plan a seminar, how soul-crushing it is to write a big check to a mailhouse and pay for empty seats and how detrimental it is to the bottom line to have only ONE person show up, but still pay for an entire room.

That’s why Dean and Mike disrupted the seminar marketing industry by taking the traditional business model and flipping it upside down. Their goal was to take away all the pain and guarantee (actually, quadruple guarantee) all the gain for other advisors.

No more “pay and pray” with direct mail. No more paying for empty seats. No more being an event planner. No more relying on an old school business model to drive new client relationships and business growth opportunities.

The first few employees of White Glove!

The Start

In September 2015, White Glove Workshops was born…

…in the basement of Dean and Mike’s financial planning practice…

…with four employees…

and with Jeff Grail (now a third co-founder) locked in a room with no window for days making cold calls to pitch financial advisors on why they should give a darn about this brand new company called White Glove Workshops.

In the beginning, there were fires…a lot of them. Dean used to walk around wearing a fireman’s hat yelling, “we have a fire, we have a fire!” True story.

But eventually, things started to fall into place.

Quadruple-Guaranteed Seminars

White Glove Workshops developed into the only 100% done-for-you, pay-for-performance, quadruple guaranteed, advisor-owned, seminar marketing and planning company that helped personal finance and insurance advisors grow their business through educational seminars.


Our Growth

In 3-and-a-half short years, we grew into a 130+ person company that works with 1,000 professionals across the U.S. and Canada…and not just personal financial and insurance advisors. We also work with realtors and attorneys.

We’ve helped countless professionals grow their business through our seminar program, but we wanted to offer more. We wanted to evolve our services beyond seminars. So in early 2019, we rebranded to White Glove and added social media management as a core service offering.

White Glove Social Connect

As we were evolving our brand, there was one missing piece. The grind of staying top of mind with current and potential clients, along with nurturing prospects, was a major time suck for Dean and Mike’s financial practice. Just as they initially created White Glove to remove all the pain points of seminar marketing, they wanted to offer a social media management service that would eliminate client and prospect nurturing challenges and automate the process of generating referrals. The answer was White Glove Social Connect™.

When you package all this up, Dean, Mike, Jeff and the entire White Glove team are beyond proud to have created a business growth model that we can confidently say no other company on the planet offers.

Let’s work together.

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