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Micro-Influencer Solutions

Strengthen your credibility and expand your influence within your local market via social media.

  • Improve aided awareness within social, mobile and local markets—leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Social Connect focuses on optimizing social impression management, utilizing branded advisor content and targeted reach.
  • Podcast Connect focuses on strengthening the level of thought leadership associated with an advisor with custom podcast topical discussions.

White Glove goes beyond educational workshops to provide products that increase the level of aided awareness for advisors in their social, mobile and local markets.  Aided awareness will help improve conversion rates with prospects!

White Glove Micro-Influencer Solutions for Financial Professionals

White Glove goes beyond educational workshops to provide financial advisors and other service professionals with products that help them keep their client pipeline growing and flowing. Our Micro-Influencer Solutions help build credibility and expand influence within a client’s social, mobile and local market.

Like our other products, our Micro-Influencer Solutions are completely Done-For-You. This means our clients can strengthen their credibility, expand their influence and improve conversion rates with prospects without having to do any of the work. We understand that our clients want to focus on what they’re good at—being a professional. Not planning events, being a social media manager nor podcast expert. That’s the beauty of our Micro-Influencer Solutions, they save our clients countless hours, free up their team and provide predictable results.

White Glove Social Connect is our Social Impression Management product that allows our clients to passively build meaningful relationships with prospects and maintain client communication without sacrificing any of their time. Social Connect helps financial advisors and other service professionals engage their clients and prospects with credible, custom-branded and unique content from top publications. This includes timely, relevant and premium news articles shared via a weekly newsletter, web and social media posts. The best part is we do all the work! Social Connect users are matched with a dedicated account manager who does all the heavy lifting—meaning clients can get results even while they sleep!

White Glove Podcast Connect makes creating and sharing high-quality podcasts a breeze. There is a lot that goes into successfully producing and marketing a podcast. With Podcast Connect, we do it all. We buy and ship the recording equipment, schedule the recording, hire a professional co-host, work through compliance approvals, script, edit and even market the episode to the local area. Podcast Connect gives clients the opportunity to reach prospects no matter where they are: at home, in their car or during their daily commute.

Looking to expand your influence within your community? Contact us to see how Social Connect and/or Podcast Connect can help you grow your business.

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