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Green Zone Technology for Financial Advisor Seminars and Webinars

Maximize ROI with White Glove by using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to identify the best geographic areas for your event!

  • Predicts area demand for advisors over a 60-day period.
  • Leverages data from tens of thousands of digital marketing campaigns and event performances.
  • Average 20-30% higher return on marketing.

The Challenge

  • When there’s a high concentration of wealth in certain areas, these locations can become very competitive.
  • Repeated seminars in a specific location can saturate the demand.
  • Advisors typically want to find clients close to their office location.

The Solution: Green Zones

  • Data-driven AI to identify high-demand geographical areas for marketing.
  • Finds geographical areas as close as possible to an advisor’s office with higher demand and less saturation.
  • Ability to utilize virtual areas while a saturated location is given time to recover.

White Glove Green Zone Technology for Financial Professional Seminars and Webinars

After successfully planning live seminars for financial advisors and other service professionals for half of a decade, we were presented with a challenge. The challenge being highly requested geographical areas becoming saturated with seminars, leading to results that did not meet our high standards. These areas were popular due to desirable demographics and proximity to the advisor or service professional’s office. White Glove cares deeply about getting our clients consistent results and bringing quality attendees to their seminars, so we knew something had to be done.

Once this challenge was identified, we jumped to create a solution. Thus, Green Zones were born! Green Zone Technology uses data-driven artificial intelligence to identity area demand over a 60-day period. This technology allows us to decide on a location with high demand and low saturationgetting our clients the best results.

Another great option to get in front of qualified prospects and grow business is through White Glove Webinars. This gives advisors and other service professionals the ability to utilize virtual areas, which don’t have to be within their immediate location, while a saturated area is given the time to recover. When hosting a webinar, there is no venue—allowing us to target ideal prospects even across state lines!

Using Green Zones means we can still provide our clients with our Done-For-You difference. Whether they are hosting a live seminar or a webinar, we take on all the risk and the heavy lifting off their shoulders. This means they can use their time to do what they do besttaking care of their clients, not being an event planner. Our Done-For-You difference allows advisors to gain and retain clients while drastically minimizing the work for not only them, but their teams.  

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to find, nurture and close new business. Contact us to learn how Green Zone Technology can help you generate great results through live seminars as well as webinars.

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