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Episode 26: The New Environment of Effective Marketing – With Rebecca Hourihan

“If you transition to doing more digital content creation and promotion, keep in mind, you still need to nurture relationships.” – Rebecca Hourihan

Effective marketing can take an advisor’s practice to new levels — but what does that look like with new redefined styles of marketing?

In this episode, Brad Swineheart is joined by Rebecca Hourihan AIF®, CMO at 401(k) Marketing to discuss how advisors can invest their time into their digital reputation without losing sight of the importance of nurturing their relationships.

Listen + learn about:

  • Why advisors should identify three business goals and create a marketing strategy around those goals.
  • What advisors should invest in for new business growth opportunities in a hybrid environment.
  • The first step to take in marketing to your target audience.
  • And more!

Resources: White Glove | Brad Swineheart | Rebecca Hourihan | 401(k) Marketing

White Glove is proud to present Be Advised – Leading with Value. In this podcast, we focus on successful marketing methods for advisors that generate prospects and clients.

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