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Episode 22: Don’t Be The Hero Advisor – With Bill Cates

“When you come off strong with credibility, the prospect may feel like a victim or it will just drive them away because you’re not taking the time to get to know them.” – Bill Cates

Advisors need to have a relentless passion for understanding prospects and clients. By targeting a niche market, you can demonstrate a higher-level of knowing in every situation.

In this episode, Brad Swineheart is joined by Bill Cates, a well-known referral coach and speaker to discuss why advisors need to focus on one well-defined target market to sharpen their messaging to become more relevant. Bill shares why advisors should always have an attitude of curiosity and ask more questions in order to solve critical problems within the industry.

Listen + learn about:

  • Two big obstacles that advisors face in the industry.
  • The importance for advisors to have one well-defined target market.
  • Why advisors should avoid leading with credibility in conversations or on social media.
  • Two types of research advisors should be executing.
  • And more!

Tune in to learn the key to cutting through the noise as an advisor!

Resources: White Glove | Brad Swineheart | Bill Cates | Rational Relevance | The Referral Coach

White Glove is proud to present Be Advised – Leading with Value. In this podcast, we focus on successful marketing methods for advisors that generate prospects and clients.

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