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Episode 21: Focusing on The Problem, Not The Solution – With Adam Cmejla, CFP®

“If you think through these little backdoor ways, you can bring the credibility to the forefront of the people that are interacting in the same sandbox as you.” – Adam Cmejla

Are you an advisor with an existing waiting list for new clients? If not, you’ll love this episode as Brad Swineheart and Adam Cmejla discuss tactics on how to achieve just that.

Don’t let your action be no action! By defining your niche market, you can pinpoint the types of problems you need to help solve, without wasting time on those you don’t.

In this episode, Brad Swineheart is joined by Adam Cmejla, CFP®, president of Integrated Planning and Wealth Management, LLC, as well the host of his own podcast, 20/20 Money. Adam shares an overview of his business success and provides information on how listeners can transform their mindset to provide more valuable content.

Listen + learn about:

  • How to focus on actual problems rather than presenting a ‘cookie cutter solution’.
  • How social media outlets can drive success when developing your niche.
  • Why sharing expert information is not giving away your business’s ‘secret sauce’. 
  • The importance of alignment within your social media presence and strategy.
  • And more!

Tune in to learn about how to execute on your business decisions and successfully measure your results to pivot effectively!

Resources: White Glove | Brad Swineheart | Adam Cmejla | 20/20 Money Podcast

White Glove is proud to present Be Advised – Leading with Value. In this podcast, we focus on successful marketing methods for advisors that generate prospects and clients.

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