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Episode 1: Get to Know Brad Swineheart

Episode 1: Get to Know Brad Swineheart

“The more you give, the more eventually you’re going to get back in return.” – Brad Swineheart

White Glove is proud to present Be Advised – Leading with Value. In this podcast, we focus on successful marketing methods for advisors that generate prospects and clients. 

In the inaugural episode, get to know Brad Swineheart, Vice President of Business Development at White Glove, discover how Brad got his start in the industry, and how White Glove can help financial professionals just like you! 

Listen + learn about:

  • Who Brad is and what makes him so skilled at what he does.
  • How White Glove can help grow your practice.
  • How financial professionals can benefit from the podcast.
  • Brad’s business philosophy with White Glove.
  • And more!

Tune in and get to know Brad! 

Resources: Brad Swineheart | White Glove

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