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Done For You Features

Under The Hood


Our premium Done For You method goes beyond simply removing advisors from the work and freeing up their resources… equally important are the results themselves.

In order to ensure our hosts have the best chances at filling their calendars with appointments, and ultimately converting those folks into clients, we’ve packed our DFY approach with a variety of conversion-boosting features.

In fact, we do so much behind the scenes, we’ve put this page together to make it easier to see exactly what our Done For You system actually includes.


In order to attract the right attendees and deliver a quality presentation with confidence, there’s a lot that needs to be done prior to the event.

  • Expert Marketing: By relying on data science and proprietary data to identify target prospects via social media, email, influencer programs, referrals and more, we remove the guesswork out of the marketing process.
  • Pre-Event Appointment Setting (Webinars Only): If consumers are actively searching for financial, legal or other essential information via webinars, chances are, some of them are already prepared to commit to an appointment with you.
    On average, 15% of all White Glove webinar registrants request an appointment prior to each event.
  • Pre-Event Communication: Along with strategically timed texts and emails, members of our team make outbound confirmation calls to those who provide their phone numbers to increase the likelihood they’ll attend.
  • On-Boarding: To have a truly successful webinar, both you and the learner need to easily navigate the platform. We make sure you and your team have a clear understanding of the webinar platform and can easily navigate the features before the time of the event. This includes helping load your presentation along with any supportive content like handouts or appointment setting links. For seminars, we go through similar steps to ensure you have everything you need prior to your event.


When it’s time for your event, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to improve engagement, get more appointments and troubleshoot any potential tech issues so you can carry on worry-free.

  • Live Webinar Management and Concierge Support (Webinars Only): Each webinar comes equipped with support from a real-life human Concierge. Our Concierge team helps minimize drop-off, including the 20% of registrants, on average, that are unable to make it into the event due to small technical challenges. Moreover, they ensure a smooth technical experience for both you and attendees by providing real-time support in the event of webcam, audio and other potential issues. Finally, our Concierge help maximize event engagement by supporting:
    – Live Moderated Chat
    – Polls
    – Q/A
    – Chat Panel and “Presenter Chat”
    – Immediate Appointment Booking
  • White Glove Power Presentation: When it comes to the presentation, we connect you with trusted and leading content providers. Whether you’re interested in presenting on Taxes in Retirement, Estate Planning, Social Security, or one of several other topics, you’ll be able to leverage a proven presentation that educates and converts.
  • Sales & Closing Training: While all the elements of the webinar are vital for educating and engaging learners, the closing is the single most important element responsible for getting appointments. That’s why we equip you with the exact strategies you need to motivate your attendees to book a one-on-one appointment with you after the event. While some training is complimentary, we offer extensive training, including 1:1 coaching via White Glove University.


  • Post-Event Attendance Report: Following the event, you’ll receive a detailed attendance report for post-event lead optimization that can include data on attended learners, no-shows, the Q & A session, polls, downloaded handouts, call-to-action clicks and more. We offer this for FREE because we’ve found that many no-shows end up booking an appointment with the advisor and end up being successfully converted into clients (pro tip: if you’re not currently marketing to no-shows, we highly recommend incorporating this proven method into your approach).
  • Post-Event Debrief: After your event, we’ll connect with you to debrief and discuss potential areas for improvement.
  • Post-Event Marketing & Appointment Nurturing: Even though we tend to drive higher than average webinar attendance rates, not everyone will be able to make it — and that’s understandable. But that doesn’t mean they are a “dead lead” — in fact, far from it. With a series of strategically timed follow-up emails (90 day sequence), we turn no-shows into appointments — and the best part is, you don’t have to do a thing other than honoring the appointment. Along with no-shows, we are also able to target attendees that did not book an appointment with you. This powerful add-on is absolutely free.
  • Social Boost and Engagement: At it’s core, Social Boost is social media management, done-for-you. With Social Boost (one time use at $99) we serve registrants timely, relevant and personalized premium news articles via a weekly newsletter and posts to your business Facebook page. Typically, prospects would have to pay to get access to this type of information, but Boost grants them free access. As a result, advisors improve their credibility, generate referrals and appointments.
  • Data Enrichment (Coming in Q4): Obtain a detailed report about your registrants that includes demographic and financial data, such as net-worth.

The Bottom Line

While we’re constantly innovating and building to become a true end-to-end solution for all your marketing needs, we’ve meticulously refined the value that we offer in both live seminar and webinar spaces. Additionally, we have the longest experience in the industry and have deep compliance roots with more than 90 broker/dealer and FMO relationships.

Not only that, but White Glove is truly your partner. We are so committed to your success, that we’ve woven it into our pricing structure. Remember, our employees are paid based on the performance of your events!

The reality is that there is always going to be work that needs to be done to close the knowledge gap between crucial financial and/or legal education and the public. This means we will always be busy innovating our seminar marketing offerings. A goal of ours is to offer an even wider range of services, all done-for-you because if you or your staff are doing any administrative or marketing work on seminars, you are losing money.

At the end of the day, our driving force is finding new ways to eliminate these disparities however we can and helping you continue to improve upon what you do best: improve the lives of your clients and grow your practice.