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Go beyond client and prospect engagement in order to convert...it’s time to captivate!

Captivating Advisor

Captive marketing means to grow, influence and dominate your niche by arming yourself with the tools and resources you need to create irresistible appeal that inspires action. Top advisors often achieve this irresistible appeal when they combine…

  1. Leading with value by focusing on creating a relationship and providing help before ever asking for the sale.
  2. Sharing the spotlight to humanize and attract. It’s not always about being the smartest person in the room, and offering expertise beyond their own can make a positive impact.
  3. Leveraging knowledge gained in the trenches to speak with prospects, not at them. The quickest way to connect is to speak with experience in the words of your audience.

Featured Content


Leading with Value


Providing tremendous value to clients and prospects is one of the best ways to win them over. Lead with value and remember that it’s not all about sales. This is a relationship business, so focus on what you can GIVE before asking what you can get – be a Go-Giver! See what we mean and listen to industry experts sharing what is working today on BeAdvised: Leading with Value.

Sharing the Spotlight


It’s only sometimes about you. Sharing the spotlight means offering a broader scope of what’s working in the financial world, even if it’s sharing insights from other credible sources. Join us as we share the spotlight with other industry thought leaders to provide captivating content through our blog series Sharing the Spotlight.


In the Trenches

Video Series

No one knows what works better than those who do it every day. What takes that to the next level, is being likeable and speaking to people in their own language. In this video series, we interview advisors who are seeing success and learn what is working for them and what is not. Check out the WG video series In the Trenches.