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Advisor Portal

An all-in-one location for information, education, insights and analytics.

This free platform helps you streamline your marketing efforts and optimize each of your White Glove services. PLUS additional benefits such as data enrichment and detailed analytics. 

Advisor Portal allows you to:

  • Access all details about your events, registrations and attendees.

  • Gain financial insight into registrants through our data enrichment platform.

  • View all White Glove University curriculum, education and events.

  • Access your Social Connect analytics.

  • Monitor your White Glove seminar/webinar marketing performance.

  • Manage your profile and account.

  • Streamline communications with your White Glove Marketing Consultant.

  • Host events, engage and follow-up with registrants and attendees with ease.

Gaining access to Advisor Portal is a breeze! We’re here to help and provide a secure system for you to access your data. White Glove sets you up with a login username and password. If you forget any of this information, don’t worry! We’re able to reset it


We have created a streamlined, highly organized and secure portal to house all your White Glove information.

Once you’re logged in, you can access the group workshops section — this is where all event details are located. Your event information is organized by deployment name, topic, number of events, earlier event date and the name of your web concierge (if applicable). These specifications allow you to easily find the workshop you’re looking for.


You’re able to gain access to additional details about specific events by simply clicking the “view details” button. This includes the full deployment information and a list of learners who are registered for that event. We also added a chat functionality that allows you to contact White Glove team members if you have any questions.

Clicking on the “learners” tab leads you to a comprehensive list of everyone who has registered for your events, along with their contact information and additional financial data.

Keep your information up-to-date on your profile page! You can ensure White Glove has your most current information through this page.

We provide additional financial data for your workshop registrations, webinar contacts and 1:1 appointments to help you prioritize and customize your communication efforts. With additional insights into your prospects’ financial situation, you can shorten the time between having a prospect and gaining a client. Data enrichment is available for all White Glove introduction services.

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