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Our Story

White Glove Co-Founders Dean Thurman and Mike Thurman are financial advisors by trade. They relied on the “old school” method of seminar marketing to grow their business for many years. They created print invitations and mailed them to people in an area where they wanted to host an educational seminar. They and their team did all the logistical coordination for the seminar (and if you’ve ever planned a seminar, you know it’s like a mini wedding!). They took on all the upfront financial risk. For a long time, many people would show up excited to learn more about retirement planning.

Then…things changed.

Fewer people attended the seminars, and the ones who did often weren’t people Dean and Mike were hoping to connect with as potential clients. More times than they would like to admit, they put the wrong information on a print mailer. There were times when the weather was awful, and no one wanted to brave the elements for a financial planning seminar. When these scenarios happened, Dean and Mike were out of luck and lost a LOT of money. And, perhaps the biggest challenge of all was Dean, Mike and their team were spending way too much time being event planners and not enough time being financial planners.

They knew there had to be a better way…


We truly believe these core values accurately represent the White Glove team, and we’re always striving to follow through on these ideals.

Be Humble

Embody a humble + hustle mindset.

Being willing to roll up your sleeves to do work that needs to get done, even if it’s not "technically" part of your job description.


A giver both at the office and outside of the office.

Selfless attitude and approach to your work.


Embrace and accept new challenges and work with a positive outlook.

Ready and willing to pivot directions and experiment to test what does/doesn’t work – not simply stay within your lane.


Exhibit passion and innovation in your work.

View your job as more than a job that simply pays the bills.

White Glove Core Values

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We believe in the power of a giving, selfless attitude

(both at work and outside the office).

That’s why we donate $1 per seminar household sold each quarter to several different charitable organizations. Each quarter, a different White Glove department chooses which organizations will receive our donations.

Our Leadership Team

Dean Thurman

As co-founder of White Glove, Dean draws from his more than 25 years of experience as a financial advisor – many of which he spent conducting educational seminars to grow his practice. He provides guidance and direction to the White Glove team on how to effectively market the company’s business growth services. Dean is also the co-owner of InvestWise Financial, a financial firm with half a billion in assets under management.

Dean Thurman


Mike Thurman

In his role as co-founder of White Glove, Mike provides strategic counsel on how to successfully grow and diversify the company. Having spent more than 25 years in the trenches as a financial advisor, Mike leverages the experience he gained successfully building his own practice through educational seminars. Mike is also the co-owner of InvestWise Financial, a financial firm with half a billion in assets under management.

Mike Thurman


Jeff Grail

For more than 20 years, Jeff has been responsible for generating strategic partnerships, joint ventures and host beneficiary relationships inside fast-moving organizations and established organizations. Jeff has been with White Glove since its inception in 2015. In his role, he creates strategic partnerships and has developed numerous successful relationships with IMOs, FMOs and financial associations across the United States and Canada.

Jeff Grail


Michael Ashley

Mike is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with a background in strategic business development, operations, startups and digital marketing. Mike joined the White Glove team in 2016 as the director of marketing and transitioned into the CEO role in January 2018. In his role as CEO, Mike works closely with all White Glove executives and department leads and oversees all operational and business development initiatives for the company.

Michael Ashley

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Ruhle

Lauren oversees all aspects of the operations department at White Glove, including establishing policies and processes for the company and supporting executive team initiatives. Prior to coming to White Glove, Lauren worked in a variety of roles in the financial services industry since 2011, including an associate wealth manager. Her core responsibilities were conducting client investment reviews and maintaining client accounts.

Lauren Ruhle

Chief Operations Officer

John Johnson

John focuses on business development at the enterprise level, connecting with financial services firms, offices of supervisory jurisdiction and large affiliated groups to create mutually beneficial relationships. John has significant retail and wholesale experience in the field, plus extensive management experience. Prior to joining White Glove in January 2019, he held the position of CEO and president at NPC from January 2013 until December 2018.

John Johnson


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