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Appointments for Financial Advisors | 1 on 1 Workshops

1:1 Educational Sessions, Done Better and Done-For-You. Introducing Done-For-You 1:1 Workshops!

Fast Forward to Conversations, Without Ever Picking Up the Phone or Sending a Single Prospecting Email

Stop chasing leads, save time and convert warm, pre-qualified prospects faster without any additional work. 

  1. Skip right to a conversation with our 100% Done-For-You service that generates new prospects, qualifies them and books 1:1 informational, topic-based workshops directly to your calendar.
  2. With performance-based pricing, you only pay for the qualified prospects who attend.
  3. Sit back as we do all the work to identify, qualify and schedule your 1:1 Workshop! We’ll virtually greet guests, and warmly tee you up as the expert so that all you need to do is show up prepared to be your authentic self.

Over $850K Average AUM

Per Attendee

“After doing 15 1:1 Workshops last month, we tracked an average of $850K AUM and have set up follow ups with over half of the attendees. I am so excited about this program.”

— Brandon M. (Advisor)

As a professional advisor, you know there is a huge difference between a lead and a conversation. This service removes the need for chasing leads and instead supplies informational sessions with high-intent hand-raisers. Speak directly with individuals who are ready to meet with a qualified advisor who can help answer their financial questions and achieve their wealth goals​.

1:1 Educational Workshops...Done-for-You AND Guaranteed:​

  • Guaranteed Qualified

  • Guaranteed Confirmed

  • Guaranteed Attended

Pay only for qualified, confirmed AND ATTENDED. Guaranteed!

1:1 Workshops Overview

A LOT of work goes into meeting with a prospect 1:1 for the first time...it’s a process! We understand that headache, which is why we are thrilled to offer 1:1 Workshops, allowing you and your prospects to go straight to an intimate 30-minute educational workshop, without you ever having to send any marketing communications to them yourself. Below are the perks of 1:1 Workshops.

  • Skip Right to a Conversation: Ready-to-meet prospects who have questions they need answered by an expert.

  • Done-For-You: Our hands-free, 100% Done-For-You service handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding and generating qualified individuals.

  • Warm Lead Qualification: We qualify leads for you with a series of questions, validate contact information, guarantee AUM criteria is met and confirm the educational sessions for you.

  • Plus, we use a personalized virtual greeter to further warm up the introduction and discussion by the time you host your 1:1 event.

  • Pay for Performance: You only pay for those who show up. We also provide you with their qualifying information for each workshop.

  • Concierge Support: On top of acting as a virtual greeter who builds rapport and introduces you as the expert, your dedicated concierge support member will seamlessly manage tech to ensure a host/learner experience before and during the workshop.

  • Save Your Staff’s Time: Without chasing leads, your staff is left with more time to dedicate toward other important facets of your business.


Generate Conversations, Not Leads

Never settle for buying a “lead” again – leverage White Glove’s proprietary Done-For-You system to generate 1:1 personal informational workshops.

Arm yourself with White Glove’s robust marketing program to skip the dreaded lead process and get straight to speaking with interested, qualified individuals.

Plus, with a virtual greeter, the conversation is warm. The virtual greeter will welcome the attendee, prepare them for the conversation and tee up the introduction to the expert!

Qualified Prospects. Done-For-You

“We’ve had four 1:1 Workshops so far, all of whom scheduled follow-up appointments. In total, we saw more than $17 million in assets with the Estate Planning 1:1 Workshops.” – Brandon M.

There are individuals who have questions now and are looking to meet with an advisor right away. With White Glove 1:1 Workshops, you’re able to completely streamline connecting with them and provide them with the topic-specific education they’re looking for, much like you can in group workshops. Affording qualified prospects with that valuable opportunity will only strengthen their trust in you!

With 1:1 Workshops, we ensure you’re connected with the quality you desire. Once we generate your new leads, we ask them a series of qualifying questions and book only those who qualify directly onto your calendar. Qualifying questions gauge things like…

  • Retirement status

  • Location

  • Relative age

  • Potential AUM

  • Whether they’re already working with another advisor


Pay Only for Performance

Guaranteed Qualified

To be considered qualified, a lead must complete, at minimum, one round of qualifying in order to meet with you.

Guaranteed Confirmed

We text, email and call your qualified prospects to ensure they are prepared for the informational session and also use these touchpoints as an opportunity to collect more information on the prospect.

Guaranteed Attended

We guarantee attendance at our 1:1 Workshops, you only pay for the qualified prospects who attend. They don’t show, you don’t pay!

Best in Class Features

Completely Done-For-You

No need to worry about learning a new scheduling platform. Your dedicated White Glove representative does the heavy lifting for you. Your only job is to manage your calendar, making sure you're prepared to meet with your high-intent hand-raisers at the time and date scheduled. White Glove books the 1:1 Workshop directly on your calendar, providing all the information about your prospect in the calendar invite, including their plans for retirement, estimated assets and other financial information.

Dedicated Workshop Concierge

Each 1:1 Workshop includes a dedicated virtual greeter to deliver a warm introduction and verify attendance as well as a concierge to resolve any needed technical issues. We make sure the workshop is set up for success! You will be introduced as the expert and our virtual platform lets you meet face to face with your attendee, allowing you to connect and start building a relationship.

Profile Financial Information

To effectively educate your attendee, it's crucial that you know their financial situation and retirement plans. With 1:1 Workshops, all that information is included for you so you're able to make powerful connections. We provide all qualifying data to their profile where available.

What Financial Advisors, RIAs and Wealth Managers are Saying

“With running my first 1:1 Workshop, I met a prospect with $4 million in assets and we are through our follow-up meeting. I have already gotten a verbal commitment.”

— Mason G.

Free your staff from chasing leads. You could spend thousands of dollars per year having your staff track down ready-to-meet prospects. You could also spend money on leads who never meet with you…OR, you could choose 1:1 Workshops – Guaranteed and Done-For-You.

One Flat Rate Per Attendee

Get all contact info and qualifying data for everyone who registers, including those who were qualified but did not attend. Pay only for attendees – no-shows are FREE!

Informational Topics Currently Available for 1:1 Workshops:

  • Estate Planning

  • Taxes in Retirement

  • Getting the Most Out of Your 401(k)/IRA

Minimum of five guaranteed attendees per order.

Guaranteed attendees will be booked for the following month.

Must be able to support attendees from multiple states.

Get Started Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a 1 on1 Workshop different than a webinar or seminar?

A webinar/seminar is a “Group Workshop” with more than one attendee.  With a 1on1 Workshop, only one household is present, this allows you to virtually meet “eye to eye” and answer attendee’s questions directly.

What is a no-show?

A ‘no-show’ is when we qualify and confirm the workshop but the attendee does not show up.  If this is the case, another workshop will be created.  You are NOT charged unless there is attendance.

What’s the purpose of a Virtual Greeter?

Your virtual greeter shows up to the 1on1 Workshop video call prior to the advisor, helps the prospect get more comfortable, resolve any tech issues and answer any questions, then delivers the warm introduction to the advisor.

What are additional ways to ensure success?

White Glove will provide an Advisor Playbook for the 1on1 Workshop based on a proven formula of success.  White Glove will review this with the advisor prior and includes a “fact finder’ component and follow up appointment request.

How do you schedule the workshops?

White Glove will coordinate with the Advisor via Calendly to book and confirm times.

How much does a 1on1 Workshop cost?

Please contact White Glove for pricing details but for now there is a minimum order monthly and orders will only be taken one-month in advance for the following month.

I do seminars and webinars. Should I do 1on1 Workshops?

It depends. If seminars and webinars work well for you, you should continue them.  We have found that Group Workshops are the highest performing client acquisition program outside of a referral.  1on1 Workshops are great for those advisors who are not comfortable with group workshops, would like prospects in other areas or can be used to alternate with local group workshops at times when your local area marketing is a bit saturated.